Extrusion is flawless process which produces superior finish sleeve .We can provide choice of Mono , two & Multilayer depending upon the nature & requirement of product to be filled. Extrusion has auto Diameter control system for consistent quality of sleeves

The extruded tube options are :

  • Mono-layer, including LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE or a mixture of these materials.
  • Multi-layer, including co-extruded 2 layer sleeve for special color effects or co-extruded 5 layer with EVOH for high barrier.
  • The tubes are available in white, transparent or color-matched to the customer’s request.


Precision injection heading machine with accurate heading capability. Shoulders are welded by servo driven injection heading machine. Excellent dimensional accuracy & consistency of sleeve heading.

HDPE is used for heading process & color shoulder is also possible as per customer demand.It provides accurate orifice moulding & consistent weld strength for shoulder


Purity has got state of the art 8 Color +1 Lacquer offset printing machine . It’s the one & only eight color dry offset printing press in India.

Transparent & white tubes are printed with UV Ink & UV laquer. Precise register accuracy produces consistent high Quality 360 print on plastic sleeves.

Gloss or Matt laquer options are possible on tubes.

Capping Labelling

Automatic capping machine for flip top snap on caps & screw on caps. It has automatic tube feeding conveyer & automatic loading of various sizes of caps.

Various features are available for drilling, aluminium sealing etc.